Tissue and Molecular Engineering Lab (TiMELab) Lutz Hall, 315

Lutz Hall Room 315
The Tissue and Molecular Engineering (TiME) Lab space was originally located in a 1000 sq. ft., class-100, clean room in Lutz 001, (The previous cleanroom equipment and personnel relocated to a larger and newer space in the Belknap Campus’ SRB (Schumaker Research Building)).  The TiME lab was moved from the vacated cleanroom space in 2014 to Lutz 315 using departmental and Speed School resources and houses equipment and facilities for cell and tissue culture, molecular analysis and microscopy.  The lab is equipped with HP PC’s (20″ monitor, Intel processing, 4 GB RAM, Windows 7) and a 42″ diagonal LCD TV for instruction.  Specialized equipment includes:

  • 2 72″ Biosafety Level 2 cell and tissue culture cabinets
  • Cell culture incubator
  • 2 Hemacytometers (Fisher)
  • Water Bath (Fisher Scientific Isotemp)
  • Vortex mixer (Fisher)
  • Centrifuge (Eppendorf 5702)
  • UV Scanner (ThermoGenesys 10)
  • Microscope (Accuscope 3032)
  • -20 C Freezer (Frigidaire)
  • 17 cu ft refrigerator (Sears)
  • Cryostat (ThermoCryotome FSE)
  • Pipette and Micropipette aids
  • Microscope (Carl Zeiss Axioskop)
  • Luminescence Spectrophotometer (Perkin-Elmer LS-50B)
  • Stereomicroscope (Fisher Scientific)
  • Digital sonifier (Branson)
  • Biomolecular analyzer (Biacore X)
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Fume hood (Kewaunee Scientific)
  • Tube rocker (Labtek)
  • Analytical balance (Denver Instruments)
  • Water purification system (Culligan)
  • Icemaker (Manitowoc)