Technology Fee

All J. B. Speed School of Engineering students enrolled in any classes are accessed a $25 technology fee for that given semester.  The technology fee includes any undergraduate student, Masters of Engineering program students, or graduate student (MS, Phd, and post-doc) enrolled for one or more credit hours (including co-op).

Engineering Software Bundle

Software covered by the technology fee is accessible for download. These software titles include Ansys, MATLAB, MS Visio & Project as well as many others. Downloads are free, but monitored and restricted to Speed School students only. Provided software is for the Microsoft Windows Operating System only. If you are a faculty member and are looking for software, you may log in to the Engineering Software Bundle to receive instruction on how to access the software that has been specifically licensed for your use. The software on the Bundle site is only for Speed School Students.

You may install the software on only one computer; the agreements do not cover installation on multiple computers.  Do not download software on another computer or give your friends or relatives copies to install on their computer. This is a direct violation of the user agreements and you will be held personally liable.  All software products have some form of license keys and activations are tracked.

Software included in the bundle has been selected based on applications commonly needed by all Speed School students. Some departments may use additional software not included in the bundle – such software was not included since it would raise the technology fee for all.  In such cases, the professor who is teaching the class will instruct the students on how to access the software. For students who need to load an operating system, our Microsoft agreement will cover these cost.  Please refer to the Software Bundle Site for more information.

If you’re enrolled in the current term, you may access the Software Bundle Website at You will need to enter your ULink username and password. Incoming fall freshmen will be granted access to the software site in early August.

All software is for your personal use on a single computer – activations are tracked.  Do not download/purchase software for others nor disclose product keys.

Incoming Students

We’ve dedicated an entire page of instruction catering to incoming students on the Software Bundle Website. All incoming students should begin by following the steps on the “First Steps” page. Incoming Freshmen for the Fall term should not attempt to install software until instructed to do so. You will receive an email at the beginning of August with information regarding how and when to access the software website.

Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive

With your log in ID for CardMail you can access the Microsoft Office 365 suite that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others. OneDrive is a free cloud based storage solution that is also included with Office 365. Because your files are stored in the cloud you can access them anytime, anyplace. Office 365 may be accessed at Sign in using your credentials.

More information on Office 365 and OneDrive can be found on the UofL Email Site for Students.


The University of Louisville has a campus-wide MATLAB license. Students, Faculty and Staff can access this license via the MathWorks MATLAB Portal.