Purchase Recommended Tablet

Fall 2020 / Spring & Summer 2021

The Speed School of Engineering does not select a particular tablet model for you. You may purchase any tablet that meets the minimum specification. However, certain models have been evaluated and reviewed by Speed staff and are pre-configured for easy purchase from our technology partner. These pre-configured devices all have a minimum of a 4 year warranty. We may add additional recommendations to the list before the start of the Fall semester.

Purchase Recommended Device

Please note, due to several factors, purchasing from both Connection and Lenovo direct have extended lead times that may result in your device not arriving in time for the first day of class. At this point you may need to make the purchase from a local retail store such as Best Buy, Staples, etc. When doing so, have the computer requirements handy and ask for a sales person to assist with your purchase. Along with the rest of the requirements, make sure the digital active pen and warranty are included.

You may purchase the following pre-configured devices that includes the required hardware and recommended warranty with special pricing from our partner. Click on the partner name below, click “First Time User” to create an account, and select from one of the 4 configurations we’ve put together for you to purchase.

PartnerTablets & Accessories
ConnectionLenovo ThinkPad Yoga, Microsoft Surface Pro