Companion Devices

If you have a laptop that meets all of the minimum requirements except that it does not allow inking with an active pen, you may purchase a separate inking or companion device to use along with your laptop. This option is for students who are comfortable maintaining multiple devices and is not generally recommended. Feedback suggests that many students find it difficult to use and maintain a secondary device. Listed are a few options to get you started.

External Inking Devices

  • Wacom’s Intuos Pen Tablets
    These devices will add the functionality of a Wacom pen to most laptops. They require a free USB port to connect and offer wireless connectivity via an optional accessory. We’ve received feedback that they work in the classroom but do take up additional desk space. Additional coordination is necessary to write on the device while viewing output on the laptop display.

Companion Tablets

The companion tablet must meet the following minimum specifications in order to install the DyKnow software package:

  • Windows 10 or 8.1 Pro (The RT edition will not work),
  • 2 GB of RAM,
  • A display that supports a minimum of 1024 x 600 resolution,
  • Integrated Intel, Synaptics, Wacom or N-trig active stylus that supports digital inking.

The following types of devices will NOT work as a companion device:

  • Inking devices that do not allow you to write directly on the screen.
  • iPad, any Apple computers or devices running iOS
  • Chromebooks
  • Android tablets or any devices running the Android operating system
  • Windows devices running the Windows RT or mobile operating system
  • Devices running the Linux or Unix operating system