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Have you ever wondered how products move from strategy to design, to manufacturing to distribution, and on to consumers? Learn how it all works at Speed School.

Industrial Engineering

Degrees Available: Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctorate

What Do You Want to Do in Life?

  • Want to be employable anywhere you go?
  • Want the flexibility to move between industries (Automotive, Entertainment, Defense, Logistics, Aerospace, Healthcare)?
  • Want to be a manager or C-level administrator?
  • Want to improve the lives of people?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then you want to be an INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER.

Industrial Engineers Figure Out How to:

  • Generate NBA schedules
  • Assign airline crews and gates
  • Determine locations of hospitals and fire stations
  • Design distribution systems so that your online orders get delivered to you on time
  • Ensure smart phones and tablets interact with you the way you want

IE is #1 on the list of “10 Fastest Growing Engineering Jobs in the USA (Until 2032)”

What You’ll Study

  • Facility layout
  • Inventory analysis
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Material handling systems
  • Operations research
  • Production planning and scheduling

Explore Our Degree Offerings

Regardless of the stage in your engineering journey, Speed School gives you options to reach your goal. Our undergraduate degree earns you a Bachelors of Science in 4 years, with an option to acquire a masters degree in only one additional year. Our graduate options will give you a professional advantage or take you into more advanced research. Find your trajectory, as an undergraduate, graduate student, or professional.

Check your Undergraduate Flight Plan

The Flight Plan is a structured, measurable guide for your academic success and growth. Our award-winning academic counselors will work with you to find your optimal path to graduation.

Research Opportunities

Speed School also offers research fellowships to support doctoral students. Interested in specific research with faculty? Check out their research interests.


unique labs available: Factory Automation Lab (AMIST),
AM lab (AMIST),
Segura lab (JS 213),
Ergonomics group (Lutz Hall),
Logistics and Distribution (LoDI) group (JS 207),
Dr. Liu's lab + Center for Human Systems Engineering (CHSE) group (Vogt 312),
AI-Driven Extended Reality (AIDER) Lab (Aqlan-Adm Annex),
Data Analytics and Optimization Lab (Parikh)


First IE students enrolled in the department

2300 +

Degrees awarded by the department until today