Jump Right In

Build a strong foundation in mathematical and analytical engineering skills, and experience the Engineering Garage, an engineering makerspace.

Engineering Fundamentals

In your first four semesters at Speed, you will take 18 hours of courses from the Department of Engineering Fundamentals.  From Engineering Methods, Tools, and Practice I and II, to three Calculus-based Engineering Analysis courses and Differential Equations for Engineering, these courses lay the foundation for success in your chosen engineering discipline.

What You’ll Study

  • Calculus and differential equations (with engineering applications)
  • Foundational knowledge areas needed by engineers
    • engineering professionalism,
    • computational and programming skills,
    • communication (graphical, written and oral),
    • problem solving, design analysis,
    • teamwork and project management

Student Story

My experience with Engineering Fundamentals was one that I reflect on frequently. I believe that each student who goes through the calculus sequence and other classes included in the EF curriculum is receiving an education that is preparing them to think like an engineer. -Sage Morrison

What You Can Expect Your First Year

We believe that engineering students learn and perform at their best when engaged with relevant engineering problems. That’s why you’ll start your academic career with the Engineering Analysis sequence and Differential Equations for Engineers courses that cover typical mathematical content but also include several engineering applications. In your second semester, you will be immersed in a team project in the Engineering Garage (makerspace) where you will demonstrate in a hands-on way the acquisition and integration of foundational engineering skills.