REACH (Resources for Academic Achievement)

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Resources for Academic Achievement (REACH) is the university’s centralized academic support unit for undergraduate students. REACH conducts multiple services and programs from the Belknap Academic Building (BAB), Ekstrom Library, J.B. Speed School of Engineering, and the Miller Information Technology Building (MITC).

The Math Resource Center (BAB 241)

The Math Resource Center (MRC) offers drop-in tutoring to students enrolled in most 100- and 200-level mathematics courses. The tutors staffing the MRC are able to assist students by helping with homework questions, practice problems, and exam analysis. Resources include a mini-computer lab for Web-based instruction/math software, course textbooks, and solution manuals.

  • Special Topics in College Mathematics (GEN 103/GEN 104) review Algebra content and math study strategies with curriculum specifically designed for entry-level UofL mathematics courses for STEM and non-STEM majors.
  • Math Resource Center – ENGR 101, ENGR 102, ENGR 190

Academic and Leadership Center

Academic and Leadership Center (ALC) assists students with general campus technology related issues, specific coursework questions, test review sessions, and class tutoring sessions. The ALC offers tutoring for upper level engineering courses in the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms, as well as a quiet place to study for any course.

Tutoring for Speed School students is offered online or in J.B. Speed 107.

  • Academic Leadership Center – CEE 205, CHE 253, CSE 130, CSE 220, ECE 210, ECE 220, ECE 252, ENGR 307, IE 370, ME 206, ME 251

The Learning Resource Center (Belknap Academic Building 248 and 250)

  • Scheduled Tutoring offers students small group tutoring sessions each week for many 100-, 200-, and some 300-level courses. Tutoring requests can be submitted online and appointments are scheduled for 60-minute recurring, weekly sessions.
    Tutoring currently offered for: CHEM 201, CHEM 202, CHEM 207, CHEM 208, CHEM 209, CHEM 341, CHEM 343, PHYS 298, PHYS 299
  • Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) utilizes student facilitators, who have succeeded in historically challenging courses, to facilitate collaborative review sessions multiple times each week. Student participants will learn how to study effectively- both independently and collaboratively.
    Tutoring currently offered for: CHEM 201, CHEM 202, CHEM 341, ENGR 101, ENGR 102, ENGR 201, ENGR 205, PHYS 298
  • LRC Lab Drop-In Tutoring: CHEM 207, CHEM 208, PHYS 295, PHYS 296
  • LRC Physics Learning Center: PHYS 298, PHYS 299
  • Individual Tutoring is available for students who have documented physical or learning disabilities and need accommodated tutoring sessions. Documentation must be provided to REACH from the Disability Resource Center at the time of a student’s request. Students receive individualized tutoring and additional tutoring time in scheduled onsite appointments each week. For more information, please contact lrc@louisville.edu.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) offers free tutoring for most 100 and 200 level undergraduate courses, as well as various 300 level courses.

Private Tutoring

In addition to the free tutoring that REACH provides for UofL students, private paid one-on-one tutoring is available to the Louisville community.

Peer Assisted Learning

PAL utilizes student facilitators, who have succeeded in historically challenging courses, to facilitate collaborative review sessions multiple times each week.

Other Offerings for Academic Help