ELLC Summer Research Experience

The ELLC leadership team developed the idea for a summer research project after receiving funds from Campus Housing, as part of a faculty engagement initiative to promote more opportunities for faculty/student interaction within learning communities.

The Speed School of Engineering invites first-year students who are members of the Engineering Living Learning Community (ELLC) during the 2019-2020 academic year to apply to the ELLC Summer Research Project.

The ELLC Summer Research Project is a ten-week program that pairs selected first-year students with faculty mentors by major. This program will occur during the weeks of the Speed Summer Term (mid-May to late-July).

Identified faculty will select one first-year student within their engineering department. Departments include: Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Fundamentals, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

Students selected for the program will register for [ENGR 209], a one credit hour class for their summer semester, to gain course credit for their summer work. Enrollment in coursework will add structure and accountability to the program and promote more positive program outcomes for faculty and students

Program Goals:

The goal of the program is for faculty members to provide students with exposure to the laboratory environment and introduce students to a variety of research opportunities at the Speed School of Engineering.

Specific student experience:

Students will be a part of a cohort of seven total students who will meet three times throughout the summer to discuss their experiences and learn from each other. Intended student outcomes include:

  • Enhanced public speaking skills through end of program presentation
  • Ability to better articulate research interests
  • Opportunity to build rapport with faculty members and network for future research co-op or REU experience

Specific experience of faculty:

Through participating in the ELLC Summer Research Experience, seven faculty members will get to know students early in their engineering career and make connections for future research partnership.

Faculty mentorship of students in undergraduate research has been found to increase student persistence rates, interest in graduate school and skills in data analysis Speed School faculty will have the opportunity to play a direct role in promoting these known student benefits.

ELLC Summer Research Project

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