Communities with a Purpose

Communities with a Purpose
A Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a collaboration between Campus Housing and academic departments and offices, designed to foster intellectual and personal growth. This residential program enables you and other students who share a common interest or academic background to live together. In an LLC, you will also participate in shared courses, service projects, and fun activities. Plus, you will form lifelong friendships.

Life in the Engineering LLC
Our LLC provides personal, academic, and professional support to first-year engineering students through various programs and activities throughout the year. As a member of the ELLC, you will be housed in the Community Park residence hall and have access to:

  • On-site tutoring services for calculus, chemistry, and physics provided by Resources for Academic Achievement (REACH)
  • Peer mentoring by a Speed School upperclassman, who holds weekly office hours in the ELLC residence hall and communicates regularly with ELLC members
  • Academic counseling by academic advisors, who hold weekly office hours in the ELLC residence hall
  • Engineering-based programming to improve study skills, explore careers, and network with peers and professionals
  • Social and wellness events

Join Us in the ELLC
In order to be placed in the ELLC, you must first complete your Campus Housing Application. You must also pay a $100.00 non-refundable fee for your application to be fully completed.

The LLC/TC application lives within the housing application which can be found in your Housing Portal. Your housing and LLC/TC application will successfully be completed when you’ve submitted the housing application fee.


Building lasting friendships in the ELLC

The ELLC is aimed at providing first-year engineering students with personal, academic, and professional support through various programs and activities throughout the year.

Houses Make up Our Community

Members of the ELLC are grouped together to form smaller houses, described below. While you are expected to attend your own house events, all ELLC members can attend any house event.

You are expected to attend at least three house events each semester and are strongly encouraged to attend more.


Diverse community that shares a common focus

200 +

Engineering students living and learning together