Connect with a current Speed School student mentee by completing the sign up and matching survey from Mentor Collective. You are matched with a mentee based on shared interests, life experiences, and their career goals.

Conversations with your mentee can happen through different means: in- person, text, phone call, video chat, or email.

When will I be matched?

Matching usually occurs on a rolling basis. We try our best to match you as soon as possible, but sometimes we decide to wait until a great fit becomes available. For further details, get in touch with In some instances we may have too many mentors for the number of mentees we have, you will receive an email if there are no more available mentees.

How many mentees do mentors work with?

Mentors can take any number of mentees they are interested in. Most mentors take somewhere between 2 and 5 mentees at a time. The most important thing is that you do what feels right for you.

What if I have a serious concern about my mentee’s physical or mental health?

We take concerns like these very seriously. As a mentor, you will have different opportunities for sharing a concern like this with us.

While reporting conversations on the MC website, you can indicate any concern you have about your mentee (or that your mentee needs extra support). Once you let us know about a serious concern, we send your concern to a point person at your school who can reach out to your mentee and provide extra resources and support. You can also contact Erin Gerber, Interim Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs, at if you feel the matter is more pressing.

How much time do mentors need to commit?

After you register, there are a couple of next steps:

  • Fill out a brief matching survey that tells us about you and your preferences (5-10 minutes)
  • Sign up for and attend a group video chat with one of the Mentor Collective coordinators and mentors from other schools that goes over the basics of Mentor Collective and being an effective mentor (45 minutes)

After those steps, you and your mentee can determine together what timing works best for you. You will be expected to speak with your mentee once a month, but anything more than that is up to both of you. Most mentors spend between 1 and 3 hours a month per mentee.

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