Faculty Student Co-Op Review

Link to the faculty review form

For reviewing a student Co-Op Report, use the dropdowns and text fields to filter down students.

After finding the student, click on their name and it’ll populate with information on that student’s Co-Op info.

Clicking View report will take you to the student’s Co-Op report, where you can leave comments on the report for the student to see.

Clicking Department Rubrics will take you to a repository of department rubrics if you’re department has given it to us.

After reading through the report, below the student’s info will be a form, fill out the form, scrolling to the bottom and at the end approve or deny the report.

Each option sends an email to the student from you saying the report has been approved or denied. If denied the student is expected to reach out to you and make revisions to their report as necessary. After the student has resubmitted their report, you’ll get an email saying the report is ready to be re-reviewed and it’ll show up back in the “Not Reviewed” section.

Link to the faculty review form