Academic & Leadership Center

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, REACH has moved summer tutoring services online for scheduled tutoring, drop-in tutoring, and PAL. Most of our tutoring services will utilize Microsoft Teams for Drop-In support.

The Academic & Leadership Center (ALC) is a partnership with Speed and REACH. The ALC offers tutoring for upper level engineering courses in the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms, as well as a quiet place to study for any course. Beginning Fall 2019, the ALC will also offer student success & leadership programming.

Tutoring for the following courses is currently offered:

  • CECS 130
  • CECS 220
  • CECS 302
  • ECE 252
  • ECE 210
  • ECE 220
  • IE 360
  • IE 370
  • ME 206
  • ME 251

To see current scheduled tutoring times, please refer here for the most updated schedule: