Diversity & Opportunity at Speed

As Speed School's 2020 Strategic Plan makes clear, diversity is not just an unintended feature of our culture. It is a top strategic priority.

Diversity & Opportunity

Diversity, to us, means a campus that is inclusive of all ethnicities; all races; all genders and identities; all nationalities; all ages; all languages; all religions and beliefs; all sexual orientations; all physical attributes and abilities; and all political affiliations.

Our Diversity Goals

To create the campus culture we all want, our goals are to:

  1. Increase the percentage of underrepresented students and faculty, with particular emphasis on a more diverse population of races and ethnicities, more women, and more first-generation college students.
  2. Improve professional and career services for students and alumni.
  3. Enhance the role and impact of student groups and professional societies, to encourage lifelong learning and service.
  4. Increase the number of international learning opportunities.
  5. Implement professional development and mentoring programs.

Diversity Programs at Speed

For particular programs at Speed, we encourage you to learn more about Campus Culture & Diversity.

Our Diversity Committee is also working on the following initiatives:

  • Campus Climate Improvement Plan
  • Safe Zone Training
  • Conflict Resolution for student leaders
  • Promise Zone Summer Camp at the Conn Center for Renewable Energy
  • INSPIRE 2020 curriculum and recruitment plan

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