Dean's Message

J.B. Speed School of Engineering is an engineering program with a rich history. Originally named J.B. Scientific Speed in 1925, it adopted its current name in 2003. From its inception, Speed School has emphasized both grounding students in the fundamentals of engineering and experiential learning. Hence, the education we provide is rooted in both theory and practice.

Since its early days, like the entire University of Louisville, Speed School has expanded its graduate and research programs. We have world class research in several vital areas of national and global interest, including Biomedical Applications & Devices, Data Science & AI, Energy & Sustainability, Micro/Nanotechnology, Robotics & Automation, and Smart Infrastructure.

As you search our web site you can read more about the exciting research taking place as part of a university that is one of only 69 universities in the United States to achieve Carnegie Foundation Research 1 and Community Engaged University status.

At Speed School we are proud to be a key part of a major metropolitan university in a thriving city that many view as a Midwestern city that has a touch of the South. We provide a world class education and conduct globally relevant research while taking into account the particular strengths and needs of our city and region.

If you are a prospective student at either the undergraduate or graduate level, we want you to know that Speed School provides you with a rich education in engineering or computer science. If you are a prospective faculty member, please know that Speed School provides a great place to grow as an educator and researcher. If you are a prospective corporate partner, you will be pleased to find that Speed School provides you with excellent graduates to meet your workforce needs and has the ability to partner with you in various areas of research.

You can learn more about us by exploring our web site or visiting Speed School in person. You will find us a great place to learn, work, and in which to invest.

Emmanuel G. Collins, PhD
Dean, J.B. Speed School of Engineering