ABET 2024 Faculty Vitae Guide

Create your ABET Faculty Vitae

Please follow the directions below to create your ABET Faculty Vitae. Once you have completed your Vitae, submit it to your ABET Coordinator and they will upload it to the appropriate location for inclusion in your self-study report.

File Name: When you save your ABET Faculty Vitae, please convert it to a PDF and save it in the following format.
LastName FirstName ABET 2024 CV.PDF

Your ABET evaluator will review the following information in your CV.

Please use the following format for the faculty vitae (2 pages maximum in Times New Roman 12 point type)

  1. Name
  2. Education – degree, discipline, institution, year
  3. Academic experience – institution, rank, title (chair, coordinator, etc. if appropriate), when (e.g., 2002-2007), full-time or part-time
  4. Non-academic experience – company or entity, title, brief description of position, when (e.g., 2008-2012), full-time or part-time
  5. Certifications or professional registrations
  6. Current membership in professional organizations
  7. Honors and awards
  8. Service activities (within and outside of the institution)
  9. Briefly list the most important publications and presentations from the past five years – title, co-authors if any, where published and/or presented, date of publication or presentation
  10. Briefly list the most recent professional development activities


We recommend that you use Interfolio to build your CV. Make certain you have updated your activities and profile for the 2018-2024 time period. How to update your profile and activities in Interfolio.

Only the activities listed above will be included when you generate your CV from Interfolio. Follow the directions in the videos below to export your CV as a work document.

ABET 2024 Download your CV
How to Download your ABET 2024 CV in Faculty 180. Make sure you update all of your activities and profile information for the Fall 2018 to Summer 2024 time period.

Once you download the CV you will need to format it. Please format it using the guidelines in the following video. When you have completed save the document and covert it to a PDF as LastName FirstName ABET 2024 CV.PDF

ABET 2024 Format your CV
How to format your ABET 2024 CV in Word. Steps to format your CV after you download it.