MHS presented Outstanding Corporate Partner award

October 26, 2019

Representatives from Materials Handling Systems (MHS) was presented with the 2019 Outstanding Corporate Partner award during the annual Speed School homecoming dinner held October 25 at the Brown Hotel. Tony Mouser, CEO; Kevin Atkinson, Director of Talent Acquisitions;  and Dean Terrell, Senior Vice President, accepted the award on behalf of MHS.

To start a successful company in the latter part of the 20th century, setting up shop in a garage must have been the prerequisite. It worked for everyone from Microsoft to Amazon, and yes, MHS, too. And while ours may have been more of a barn, this one-room “office” was where we laid the foundation for where the company MHS is today, establishing the customer-first mentality that remains our guiding principle.

The phrase “Above and Beyond” defines our relationships with customers and is reflected in our commitment to helping them reach their goals. We relish challenges and would rather keep innovating than accept the word “no.” We treat our customers as partners and always do what’s best for their business, from delivering on fundamentals like on-time completion, to solving some of the most complex challenges facing distribution centers.

But while our commitment to customers remains constant, a lot has changed since those early days in the garage. E-commerce continues to reshape consumer culture, forcing our customers to adapt, and driving MHS to grow. We have made several strategic acquisitions to expand capacity and capability. These new team members bring valuable experience and expertise and share our established culture. We now have a strong global presence, broad product lineup, and robust research and development capabilities.

This growth has been fueled by a desire to be the best, not the biggest. MHS rejects multi-layered management and heavy bureaucracy in favor of a flat structure that keeps senior management grounded in the daily activities of the business and maintains the agility customers value in smaller organizations. This makes working with MHS a more personal experience, resulting in longstanding customer relationships that enable more efficient partnerships, faster speed to market, and more meaningful research and development initiatives, precisely targeted to customer needs.

Today, MHS is a single-source provider of turnkey material handling automation solutions, able to handle virtually all aspects of distribution center projects in-house, from system design and fabrication to controls, installation and aftermarket support. We’re proud of the trust and reputation we’ve built and look forward to solving the challenges facing the market now and in the future.