Heath claims Professional Award in Computer Engineering

October 26, 2018

Shari Heath was presented with the 2018 Professional Award in Computer Engineering during the annual Speed School homecoming dinner held October 26 at the Brown Hotel.

Heath is on a mission to change healthcare. Specifically, by using data to change how insurance companies and healthcare providers work together to provide better care to their patients, and family members. The skills and confidence provided by her degree from the J.B. Speed School of Engineering provided the footing for her lofty life goal. She’s using her background to create products that provide predictions about patients’ outcomes to establish a foundation of trust between insurance companies, the healthcare providers and, ultimately, the patients that they serve. Through these products, insurance carriers and healthcare providers can provide patients with the absolute best care available for their specific needs.

In 2002, Heath was the seventh person hired by a small tech startup company that was focused on the home health industry.  During the 12 years there, she was given the opportunity to take on varied roles culminating in the role as Vice President of Product Management. Throughout her tenure, she played an integral part in the growth of the company from seven employees to over 250. In 2013, the company sold for over half a billion dollars.

Next up was an opportunity for Heath to get back to her small company/tech startup roots and joined Medalogix in Nashville, TN. She’s currently their Senior Vice President of Product Management and also oversees the data science work. She works closely with her clients and internal teams to build products that save the healthcare system millions of dollars every year. In 2016, Shari was invited to present at the Future of Health Technology Institute Summit at MIT. The presentation was about end of life care and using data to predict death. We all know we’re going to die. Knowing when it’ll happen is the mystery.

On a personal note, Heath has been married for 21 years to UofL Law School Alumni, Keith D. Heath. They live in Nashville, TN with their two Great Pyrenees dogs Duncan and Allie.